A peek inside the largest rose nursery in the Netherlands

With 20 hectares of production space, Marjoland is the largest rose nursery in the Netherlands. The company grows nine exclusive large-flowered rose varieties, including the well-known Red Naomi and their four new acquisitions: Nayeli, Bellini, Delphine, and Mariola.

Marjoland was founded almost 40 years ago by Mariola and Joop van den Nouweland. The name Marjoland is a combination of the founders’ names. The company continues under the leadership of their son, Daniel. Joop’s years of experience and Daniel’s vision of innovation meet in quality and sustainability.

At Marjoland, they are constantly looking at what can be further improved. In 2021, they started the transition to energy-efficient LED lights. They also use biological crop protection, such as bugs that protect the crop from natural enemies from outside, as much as possible in the greenhouse. Marjoland is GLOBAL GAP, GRASP, and MPS-A certified, which confirms that the company takes good care of the environment and its employees.

Published in Noviflora’s Journal