Antalya municipality saves 800,000 USD annually with the flowers and plants it produces in its greenhouses

These plants and flowers produced in metropolitan greenhouses are used to decorate the streets and parks under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality. The 3 million square meter area consisting of intersections, boulevards, streets and, squares within the responsibility area of ​​the Metropolitan Municipality is decorated in the most economical and aesthetically pleasing way.

Source: Gazetebir


Seasonal flower production continues at the Plant Production Facility as winter is in full swing. Produced seasonal plants and flowers are also introduced into the soil. Varieties of flowers such as snapdragon, violet, ornamental cabbage and, allium that are used to decorate the parks and the intersections in the districts of Antalya add visual beauty to the urban aesthetics.

Seasonal flower production, including summer, winter and, intermediate periods, is carried out at the Plant Production Facility affiliated with the Seedlings and Nurseries Branch Directorate of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department. While 22.5 million seasonal flowers have been produced in Date Palm Plant Production Facilities since April 2019, 2.4 million plants are also produced in the same period.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues its landscaping, maintenance, and decoration works in an area of ​​approximately 3 million square meters throughout the city. Flowers and plants produced in the Plant Production Facilities of the Metropolitan Municipality fill the avenues and streets of Antalya .800,000 USD are saved annually with the flowers and plants produced in the greenhouses of the municipality.