Anthurium nursery Groene Tint brings customers together around sustainability in packaging

The consumer decides
Sustainability is a key issue for the flower and plant sector, and consumers are becoming increasingly critical in this regard, according to research commissioned by Bloemenbureau Holland. With a good supply and clear information, consumers are willing to choose sustainable products. According to them, the responsibility to grow sustainably lies with the producers, the retail, and the government. Reducing waste and the use of packaging and crop protection products are mentioned as areas with room for improvement. The Packaging theme addressed by Groene Tint at the customer event was thus more relevant than ever.


On Wednesday, October 11, dozens of trading companies gathered to share knowledge about sustainable packaging during a customer event organized by Anthurium Nursery Groene Tint, from Tinte. The company is known as a producer of the highest quality anthuriums, grown with the utmost care for nature. Such customer events are intended to spark conversation with each other and share insights on steps that can be taken together to become more sustainable.

Working together
For years, Groene Tint has been investing in measures to save energy and minimize CO2 emissions. The company is also looking at alternatives to reduce plastic use in the field of packaging. For example, small pots are increasingly placed on cardboard trays, and anthuriums can be delivered in paper sleeves. Groene Tint is working together with Royal FloraHolland on more sustainable packaging for the entire anthurium product range with the goal of using at least 25% less plastic by 2025. Cooperation is important when working to accelerate the introduction of more sustainable packaging; therefore, the anthurium nursery is bringing every link in the chain together during their customer days in order to share knowledge and get input on the topic.

New insights
That the challenges involved in sustainable packaging are great became clear in the conversations held with the experts who were invited to the event to share their insights. For example, Aad Vijverberg, who works at JBB Packaging and has been active in the packaging industry for over 30 years, talked about innovations in packaging. Flora Späth highlighted that with the creation of Euro Plant Tray – the new European multi-use plant tray – a key step has been taken to comply with European legislation. Flora also managed to showcase the very first 3D-printed Euro Plant Tray. Helmer van Wezel of The Green Brand Factory gave insights on the future of packaging and the trials and errors they have faced as developers of distinctive brands in the floriculture sector. Leo Swart of Cresultant, an independent entrepreneur and expert with over 27 years of experience within the professional horticulture supply chain, shared his knowledge on the topic and called for making it fun. “We wanted experts in this field to speak, but through the interactive program, we also wanted our clients to tell us what they are up against. This afternoon has given us many insights, not only for our company but also for our customers,” said Richard van der Salm, co-owner of Groene Tint.