China: Asia's top flower market blooms on growing demand

June 11, 2024 Storyline: Asia’s top flower market blooms on growing demand (Voice over). It’s early in the morning at the Dounan Flower Market in southwest China’s Kunming City, and the sprawling eight square kilometer facility is buzzing with activity. As Asia’s largest fresh-cut flower market, Dounan… منبع

Eurofins expands physical testing facilities

With recent developments in substrates and potting soils, the need to understand the physical properties of peat-reduced mixtures is increasing. Eurofins therefore expand the capacity of the physical laboratory. Manufacturers and growers are nowadays experimenting extensively with new potting mixes. These mixtures can contain various renewable raw materials such as coconut fibers, wood fibers, green … ادامه

Pollen Talent join forces with Certified American Grown

Pollen Talent announces its new designation as a partner-level associate member of the Certified American Grown. The company’s team states: “This collaboration marks a critical advancement, providing Certified American Grown members with tailored recruitment services designed to strengthen their workforce and elevate their business goals. Members of Certified American Grown will enjoy: Industry-specific recruitment expertise: … ادامه

SecondFlor Europe unveils new Hydrangea colors

SecondFlor Europe, a company in the preserved flower industry, announces the launch of three new hydrangea colors: Blue Lagoon, Light Plum, and Cappuccino. The company’s team states: “These new additions are set to inspire floral designers and enthusiasts across Europe, offering fresh possibilities for creative floral arrangements and decor.” Introducing the new colors“Blue Lagoon – … ادامه

The use of drones in cut flower production

A webinar: There has been increasing interest in the use of drones in cut flower production as a way to reduce labor issues and costs involved with pest and disease scouting, stress monitoring, pesticide applications, soil compaction, and more. Drones may provide a way to improve precision in stress detection and spray applications and contribute … ادامه

HTA strengthens its membership engagement team

The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) has welcomed Jeremy Costello to complete the Membership team as the new Member Engagement Manager for the South East. He moves to the HTA directly from member The Farplants Group, having been in their marketing, sales and distribution wing. Jeremy also volunteers for the Young People in Horticulture Association (YPHA) … ادامه

Petunias seem to be more ‘weatherproof’ than ever before

FlowerTrials update The FlowerTrials are in full swing. All possible nationalities pass by, and companies are delighted with the turnout. In addition, breeding and/or cultivation highlights are presented. As usual, propagators promise even more uniform and resistant products. Gert Meijer (Sakata); Thorsten Sander (Schneider Younplants); Klaus Gaumann (Selecta one); and Louis Kester (Evanthia) This year … ادامه

The Landscape Istanbul Fair 2024 (LIF 2024) receives approval from AIPH

Members of AIPH gave the International Horticultural Trade Exhibition approval for the Landscape Istanbul Fair 2024 (LIF 2024). The event will be held from 13 to 15 November 2024 at the Istanbul Fair Centre Türkiye. Now, with global recognition, LIF 2024 is set to showcase a diverse array of ornamental plants and trees, landscaping materials, … ادامه