Billigblomst opens first shop in Copenhagen

Billigblomst, a chain of plant centers in Denmark, announces that they are launching Billigblomst City: a new retail chain that will offer the same quality with a slightly smaller assortment than customers are used to in large garden centers. The new concept will thus also make it possible for city dwellers to buy quality flowers at a low price.

Billigblomst City’s first shop will open its doors on Kampmannsgade in Copenhagen. The chain plans to open 10 City shops a year in Denmark.

Brian Reenberg, the owner of Billigblomst: “There are plenty of good properties available in all major cities in Denmark, and brokers are eager. We are willing to sign leases if the offer is attractive.”

Prices in the new Billigblomst City shops will remain competitive and comparable to those in larger garden centers. This will be achieved by low rents, eliminating the need for shop staff, and implementing a self-service model where customers scan their own goods. Moreover, payment will only be possible by card or mobile payment, as cash will not be accepted.

Billigblomst City’s first shop in Copenhagen is scheduled to open on Saturday, November 11, at 8:00 a.m. This will be an important milestone for Billigblomst, and they look forward to welcoming all flower lovers in Copenhagen to the new shop.

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