Greenhouse horticulture is taking an important step in energy transition by capturing CO2 from outside air

The greenhouse horticulture sector is conducting research into how the CO2 needed to grow plants in greenhouses can be captured from the outside air. Currently, greenhouse growers often use CO2 that is released during the combustion of natural gas in the boilers and cogeneration units that heat the greenhouses. Because more and more greenhouse horticulture … ادامه

Plant Empowerment Foundation celebrates 5th anniversary during Empowerment Day 2024

The Plant Empowerment Foundation celebrated its 5th anniversary on April 19 at the PLSTK café in Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands, during Empowerment Day 2024. This annual event serves as a gathering for partners and members of the foundation to unite in their mission, deepen their knowledge, and connect. This year, the focus was on … ادامه

Phil Perry joins EHR national sales team

Phil Perry has joined EHR national sales team. Phil joins forces with Steve Maddox in servicing customers across New York State. Phil will also service customers throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania. Phil and Steve’s combined expertise, experience, and dedication to understanding client needs will ensure that customers receive support and personalized solutions for their horticultural business needs. … ادامه

Perennial Plant Association celebrates 40th annviersary

In 2024, the Perennial Plant Association is thrilled to celebrate 40 years of connecting professionals, providing education, and promoting perennial plants. Since 1984, the Perennial Plant Association has welcomed horticulture professionals to a community where passions for perennials run deep and professional camaraderie is nurtured. In 1983, Dr. Steven Still, professor of landscape horticulture at … ادامه

Growing roses at 2.850 meters above sea level

Bellaflor Group In the highlands of Ecuador, at an altitude of 2.850 meters, Bellaflor Group grows more than forty different cut-flower varieties. They grow roses, spray roses, summer flowers, gypsophilia, botanicals, greys, greens, bouquets, and tinted cut flowers. The company also owns a farm in Ethiopa that also grows roses, spray roses and gypsophilia. Since … ادامه

A mild winter and weather variability got plants tricked

Karen Daubmann was wide-eyed when 50,000 tulip bulbs at the Garden at Elm Bank started sprouting 16 days earlier than last year. This is just the second year the Massachusetts Horticultural Society has done “Tulip Mania,” a time when the bright spring-blooming perennials take over the Wellesley property, so there’s a dearth of historical data … ادامه

UConn professor earns income licensing plants that fight climate change

UConn horticulture professor Mark Brand grew up in Storrs, which is surrounded by flourishing flower fields and native shrubs. They were a unique breed of “classmates” who planted perennial seeds in his young mind that would later inspire his future. Today, Brand’s lab at UConn has licensed 27 plants, 33 royalty-generating cultivars, 16 plant patents, … ادامه

Malcolm Catlin appointed as project director of Plant Healthy

Malcolm Catlin has been appointed as Plant Healthy Limited’s new Project Director, effective from 29 April 2024. Taking over from Alistair Yeomans and working closely with Defra and the other partner organizations of the Plant Health Alliance, Malcolm will oversee the development and promotion of the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme and the Plant Health Management … ادامه

Royal Van Zanten helps nature during World Earth Day

On World Earth Day, employees of Van Zanten Breeding built various insect hotels and made “explosive” seed bombs. In addition, employees will be given flower seeds to take home to improve biodiversity in their environment. Together, employees got to work creating seed bombs and building insect hotels. These hotels were not only for wild bees … ادامه

Flowers could become a luxury for Russians amid import restrictions

Russian flower growers are facing hurdles in replacing imported flowers due to tightening import restrictions. It’s projected that domestic flowers will occupy only half of the market in 35 years, potentially raising prices for imported blooms. Recent bans targeted seeds and seedlings from the Netherlands, carnation imports from Ecuador, and rose imports from Ecuador and … ادامه