Changes expected in the UK’s packaging materials industry

In the UK, changes are underway in the field of packaging materials for the horticultural and retail industries. In 2024, several changes in legislation and regulations will be implemented.

Plastic or cardboard?
In light of these changes, Modifrom aims to find sustainable solutions in the coming years. For example, Modiform has calculated the costs of the three types of packaging taxes for single-use plastic transport trays. The result of Modiform’s calculations is that when all costs are calculated, including taxes such as ERP, PRN, and PPT, Modiform’s ecoExpert products turn out to be among the most sustainable and cost-efficient.

The eco-Expert range consists of horticultural products made from recycled cardboard. According to the Modiform team, the products are degradable: “This means that growers can offer an alternative to plastic at the very beginning of the supply chain. At the same time, retailers can use this range to respond to an increasing demand for environmentally friendly products among consumers.”

Single-use or multiple-use?
Modiform has carried out studies into how plastic recycling in various European countries. In the UK, the company looked at the use of trays in the retail sector and the horticultural sector. Their findings are that supermarkets will continue to need single-use trays, while DIY stores and hard stores are shifting towards multiple-use trays.

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