“Cherry Blossom offers a feel-good guarantee”

There are azaleas, and then you have Hortinno’s cultivars, says Christoph Stevens of FlorAmor. The Belgian grower cultivates several varieties of these own bred species, but Christoph is also convinced that resting on your laurels is never a good idea. And since more than 20 years have passed since the introduction of the ‘Christine,’ it was time for renewal.

The Hortinno Cherry Blossom represents that renewal. People have been busy working on it for the past seven years, and it is time for the official launch at the upcoming Trade Fair Aalsmeer in the Netherlands. The flowers have a beautiful, soft pink color and the same shiny dark leaves like the other Hortinno varieties. It is also characterized by a long flowering period of at least 50 days and, compared to the more standard azalea assortment, it suffers hardly any discoloring and sheds few withered bracts.

‘PURE’ is what Christoph calls it.’ “Most classic varieties often have bracts around the buds that fall off when the flower opens. Hortinnos almost don’t have that, which, of course, was the aim, just like the longer bloom. For some consumers, those brown leaves appear to be one of the biggest reasons not to bring an azalea into the home. It’s not always the easiest product to trade either, but fortunately, no one can imagine azalea not being supplied. Therefore, we make sure our varieties are the best in the market.”

Durable and air-purifying
The Cherry Blossom boasts several other unique selling points, he continues. “It is a plant that can be grown sustainably. It is a strong variety that is less susceptible to disease, so less crop protection is required. Moreover, we have had all our plants tested for their air-purifying qualities, and this showed that azaleas are already doing above average across the board. That’s especially the case for the Hortinno varieties, which score much better in that area, mainly due to the dark green shiny leaves, a special Hortinno trait that is being further researched and integrated into the breeding program.”

In short, the Cherry Blossom is a great addition to the range. FlorAmor will officially launch it at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer in November. The Cherry Blossom is grown exclusively together with three growers with whom they work closely and who are based in other parts of Europe to ensure the plant can reach the consumers there, as well.

A feel-good guarantee with every plant
“We are taking advantage of the trade fair to present ourselves and show everyone who we are,” says Christoph. “Our nursery is called FlorAmor, and ‘Let love bloom with every single plant’ is both our motto and our mission. We want to make someone happy with every plant, so every plant should provide that happiness. We growers are always too busy focusing on numbers and efficiency, but in the end, there is always someone in the garden center who will make the purchasing decision. Thus, the feel-good factor must be guaranteed with every plant we sell, whether it’s one from our Hortinno line or from our other brand, Flandresse, which features the more classic azalea range. The latter are also grown “our own way,” meaning: ‘Cultivated with a big HeART.’ Every plant is a masterpiece, and we want to highlight that too at the upcoming fair.”

The Christine Cherry Blossom

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