Climate-controlled tulip farm in Asia blooms

Phinl Corp., a Danish-Filipino enterprise, is now growing tulips in the Philippines through a climate-controlled farm, the Board of Investments (BOI) said.

Phinl has registered its PHP157.4-million climate-controlled tulip farm in Maddela, Quirino Province, according to BOI Executive Director Corazon Dichosa.

Phinl’s farm is the first fully contained and computer-controlled indoor hydroponic tulip farm in Asia.

Phinl sees the opportunity in growing tulips in the Philippines with the increasing demand for high-quality tulips here, the BOI said.

“The success of Philn’s climate-controlled tulip farm in the country demonstrates our commitment to innovation and sustainability in agriculture. We are proud to welcome pioneers in this field and look forward to contributing to the growth of the local floral industry,” Dichosa added.

To grow tulips in a tropical country like the Philippines, Philn uses a technology akin to hydroponics, a method of cultivation that utilizes an inert medium instead of soil to ensure optimal conditions for growing the plant.

It operates in a completely closed environment to ensure full control of temperature, humidity, and light intensity.

“The Phinl project is a clear example of our initiatives at the BOI, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, that champion sustainability in the agricultural industry. We have been registering projects that are scalable and leverage the latest technologies. In fact, in the last quarter, we have registered projects on integrated dairy farms, modern vegetable farms, and hybrid seed productions, among others,” Trade Secretary and BOI Chair Alfredo Pascual said.

“It can be noted that some of these are in areas traditionally considered a challenge, if not downright impossible, for the Philippines,” Pascual added.