Couture and ready-to-wear merge with flowers in salon presentation

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Claes has developed into a designer and artist of more than just fashion. He likes to express himself in different art forms. From his studios in Amsterdam, Iversen works on his couture, painting, and interior design. Claes Iversen is now one of the Netherlands’ most famous designers. His collections are particularly popular in royal ‘circles,’ with Dutch Queen Maxima and Queen Mary of Denmark wearing his creations. He made the wedding dress of Dutch princess Viktoria and several Dutch celebrities.

Splash of colour
Luxurious, elegant materials are central to the new Iversen collection. But, as we have come to expect from him, he always has an element of surprise: subtle yet unmistakably present. Paint splatters return as screen-printed flock prints and embroidery, the result of hundreds of hours of manual work. Some silhouettes are a nod to the sharp silhouette of the eighties, other looks incorporate the bow that is part of its DNA. Showstoppers were the dresses made of hundreds of meters of soft tulle – a bridal fabric par excellence – in various pastel colors for a layered depth effect.

Claes Iversen presented his latest couture collection, ‘Matrimony in Color’, in Amsterdam. An intimate salon presentation in a historic location where time seems to have stood still. Inspired by the charm of the dilapidated interior, Avalanche+ roses, Cymbidium orchids, and chrysanthemums were styled in the decor by LM Flower Fashion Productions in consultation with the fashion designer himself. The show was attended by all well-known fashion editors, from Vogue to Elle and the Telegraph to Nouveau, Dutch celebrities and influencers. The photos of the show with flowers in the decor are often seen in fashion and lifestyle magazine publications. The flowers were repeatedly clearly visible during reports about the show in showbiz and royalty programs on Dutch television. Once again a flourishing collaboration between Claes Iversen and LM Flower Fashion Productions in which the beauty of flowers, couture, fashion and design enrich each other.

Flowers in decor
By opting for a traditional salon presentation, Iversen put his customers on center stage, or rather, front row. The location, De Bank in Amsterdam, was an essential part of the defile and exuded an atmosphere of faded glory in the 1920s. LM Flower Fashion Productions was asked by the fashion designer to style flowers in pastel shades. The decor featured Avalanche+ roses in different arrangements. The Cymbidium orchids were styled from the paneling of the wall. Different types of chrysanthemums were inspired by the antique wallpaper and arranged in a classic flower arrangement.

Claes Iversen
Claes Iversen is of Danish descent and lives in the Netherlands. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In 2008, he obtained his master’s degree at ArtEZ School of Arts in Arnhem, which he showed during Paris Fashion Week. In 2018, he celebrated his tenth anniversary as a designer with an anniversary collection at the National Opera & Ballet.

For the couture show, a wide variety of models were cast with different sizes and ages, with whom customer scan identify. From novice models to well-known faces, Dutch presenter Leonie ter Braak, transwoman Loiza Lamers and drag queen Envy Peru participated as models.

The wedding dress is traditionally the final piece of a couture show. Usually, this is the masterpiece that reflects the designer’s signature. Contrarian as he can be, Claes Iversen turned this principle around. The inspiration for his new couture collection was the modular bridal collection that he launched in 2021. The semi-couture concept consists of fifty items with which brides can put together a unique outfit.