“Developing robotics applications to take over repetitive, labor-intensive tasks”

Martin Stolze announces to have added a new Robotics department. Menno van Dongen started as Product Owner Robotics on August 1. “We are happy that Menno van Dongen is back with Martin Stolze,” the team says.

For more information:
Martin Stolze
Leemolen 23, 2678 MG
De Lier, the Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)174 518 113
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“Thanks to the collaboration with Crux Agribotics (our sister company), we already have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of robotics.”

Wido Kruijswijk (General – Technical Director): “Menno has proven himself during his HBO Mechatronics studies by creating a working concept with 3 fellow students in 12 weeks, mainly by thinking outside the existing frameworks. In addition, Menno has the unique ability as a technical person to translate the language of the customer into a unique solution.”

The new department develops robotics applications in collaboration with the customer to take over repetitive, labor-intensive tasks. “In this way, we offer our customers valuable and labor-saving solutions. Adding robotics to our product portfolio ensures even smarter, more efficient, more advanced, and more complete solutions.”