Dümmen Orange teams up with Ota Floriculture Auction in Japan to showcase new Carnation varieties

Dümmen Orange joined forces with Ota Floriculture Auction to showcase new varieties in its Damascus Carnation series.

The event featured an exhibition at the Ota Floriculture Auction site in Tokyo, Japan, curated in collaboration with local florists. Three varieties from the Damascus series took center stage: the newly added Pastel Damascus, along with Julia and Cervantes, which have been steadily gaining popularity.

The exhibition served as an opportunity to engage directly with stakeholders in the flower industry, aiming to raise awareness of the Damascus series among key customers. This aligns with Dümmen Orange’s strategy to promote its floral range globally while continuously developing new varieties to meet evolving preferences.

The Damascus Carnation series is known for its sturdy petals, long vase life, and timeless elegance. Since its debut in 2020, the Damascus series has garnered attention for its quality and beauty. The addition of Pastel Damascus this year expands the series, offering more options for floral enthusiasts. Dümmen Orange remains committed to expanding the series further in the future.

Highlighted among the varieties were Julia and Cervantes, gaining popularity for their unique qualities. Julia is praised for its sturdy stems, while Cervantes stands out with its distinct cerise hue, making it a preferred choice for bouquets.

As Dümmen Orange continues to innovate in the floral industry, partnerships like the one with Ota Floriculture Auction underscore

its commitment to delivering quality and variety to flower enthusiasts worldwide. With a focus on collaboration and expansion, Dümmen Orange remains a prominent player in the global floral market, bringing beauty and inspiration to all.

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