Enhanced Screen Calculations in software update Hortinergy

Hortinergy has updated to its greenhouse simulation software, introducing Enhanced Screen Calculations. Recognizing the pivotal role of screens in modern greenhouse agriculture, efforts have been made to seamlessly integrate thermal, blackout, and shade screens into the software.

This update facilitates the addition of detailed and accurate screens to greenhouse models. Real-time modeling is a key feature, providing users with instant data on the positioning of thermal screens, allowing for a visualization of their impact on temperature, light, and humidity within the greenhouse.

Another feature is the option for automatic optimization of thermal screens. Users can choose to optimize screen usage based on factors such as weather forecasts, seasonal changes, and specific crop requirements. Additionally, detailed reports are accessible, offering insights into how thermal screens influence the greenhouse environment and crop growth. This information enables users to make informed decisions aimed at improving overall yields.

The enhanced thermal screen calculations bring tangible benefits, including potential energy savings. Efficient use of thermal screens can lead to reduced energy costs by minimizing reliance on heating and cooling systems. Furthermore, users gain the ability to manage incoming light in the greenhouse by selecting screens adapted to their location and prevailing weather conditions.