ETFE production greenhouse for aquatic plants realized in Singapore

Singapore’s’ first ETFE production greenhouse is here. “With 7000 sqm, this greenhouse is the largest greenhouse using Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) in Singapore,” says Ms Ya Wen Lim with Adas Green, the Singapore-based greenhouse builder that completed this project. “This greenhouse, located at Jalan Lekar, uses F-Clean ETFE film for its roof and walls, which provides soft diffused light to create the perfect conditions for growing decorative aquatic plants.”

To combat the heat and humidity of the tropical climate, the roof is equipped with automated vents that can be opened to encourage ventilation. “The roof vents respond to internal temperatures, humidity as well as external wind speed and rainfall. The greenhouse is also integrated with a misting system, circulation fans, and extraction fans to reduce interior temperatures,” Ya Wen shows.

“As the Singapore climate has year-round heavy rainfall, it is important to design proper rainwater channeling systems to facilitate the flow of water in accordance with local standards. This also creates an opportunity to collect and reuse the abundant rainfall.”

The team with Adas Green is specialized in realizing ETFE greenhouses, and they say the material is one of the highest-quality greenhouse films available. “With high tensile strength and UV resistance, meaning that it has a significantly longer lifespan than other greenhouse cladding materials like polycarbonate, EVA, and polyethylene films. Whereas other materials might degrade and have to be replaced more frequently, ETFE film can last more than 20 years while maintaining its high-light transmission. It is thus a more sustainable option.”

One of the most significant advantages of ETFE greenhouses is that ETFE film is certified as a safe material to use by the Singapore Civil Defence Force Fire Safety regulations. “Due to high local construction costs, the use of this lightweight film also results in significant structural cost savings as compared to glass greenhouses.”

The Jalan Lekar Greenhouse will be the first of many commercial-scale production greenhouses built in Singapore in the coming years, as the Singapore Food Agency’s 30×30 Plan aims to boost Singapore’s food production capacity to supply 30% of the country’s nutritional needs locally by 2030. “As specialists in ETFE Greenhouse systems operating in Singapore and Southeast Asia, we are committed to helping farmers transition to controlled environment agriculture farming and to deliver turnkey greenhouse solutions suitable for the local context,” Ya Wen concludes.

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