Euro Plant Tray wins the reusable innovation award from German Environmental Aid

On November 14, 2023, the Euro Plant Tray was honored with the Reusable Innovation Prize by Deutsche Umwelthilfe eV (DUH) and the Initiative Mehrweg Foundation (SIM). Since 2006, DUH and SIM have been recognizing groundbreaking achievements and initiatives that contribute to the advancement or establishment of reusable systems through the Reusable Innovation Prize. The Euro Plant Tray’s acknowledgment in 2023 marks a special distinction within the plant industry initiative.

Barbara Metz, Federal Managing Director of DUH, expressed satisfaction, stating, “We are very pleased that the industry has actively responded to our criticism of excessive disposable packaging since 2021 and is consistently developing reusable solutions.” Metz commended the international collaboration of the entire industry in creating a common cross-border reusable system for plant pallets, deeming it unique and exemplary not only for the plant industry but for other sectors as well. Metz gave special recognition to the Euro Plant Tray (EPT) management for efficiently coordinating members and swiftly implementing various aspects of the market launch. The award, according to Metz, extends to all member companies whose investment of knowledge and time from their employees contributed to the collective success of the reusable innovation.

As a founding member of the EPT cooperative, BGI eV expressed its pleasure at the acknowledgment of this pioneering European industry solution. Plans include introducing two EPT trays in the Normpack 400 industry format by mid-2024, with ongoing efforts to develop a 200 series. Frank Zeiler, BGI Managing Director, emphasized the significance of the EPT initiative as a signal from the industry, demonstrating a serious commitment to environmentally relevant issues such as plastic avoidance. Zeiler highlighted the ability of those involved to turn a complex idea into reality in just two and a half years, illustrating the industry’s capacity and willingness to take responsibility for environmental concerns. He expressed hope for more businesses to join the existing 30 European members, aiming to broaden the adoption of this distinctive reusable solution.

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