Evolve Flowers and Redford Flowers Debut UK’s Hydro Muscari and Hyacinth

Evolve Flowers Ltd, specialist wholesaler, and British flower experts, proudly announce a strategic collaboration with Redford Flowers Ltd to introduce pioneering hydroponic products to the UK cut flower industry.

Evolve Flowers Ltd, led by British flower expert Helen Chambers NDSF, announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Simon Redden of Redford Flowers, a hydroponic cut flower growing expert. This partnership merges Evolves’ product development prowess with Redford’s hydroponic innovations, reshaping British-grown cut flowers by uniting florists with cutting-edge technology.

Simon Redden, a hydroponic trailblazer since 1998, revolutionized cut flower cultivation as the first UK grower to hydroponically cultivate Tulips. Helen is enthused by the feedback from florists about the introduction of eco-bulbs, Muscari, and Hyacinth, providing endless creative possibilities, especially during the winter months when the British-grown cut flower selection can be limited.

Helen notes, “This collaboration allows Evolve to pioneer innovation, providing sustainable and high-quality flower options.” Simon emphasizes the environmental benefits, saying, “Hydroponic cultivation ensures precise control over growing conditions and reduces environmental impact whilst showcasing our products to a wider audience.”

Unveiled at the recent Evolve Industry Discovery Days, the collaboration pioneers the fusion of innovative products and hydroponic expertise. Attendees experienced the growing process firsthand and participated in a workshop at the Evolve studio, raising awareness for responsible and forward-thinking florists, cultivating increased environmental consciousness.

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