Exporters hope that Petro’s visit to China will put Colombia on the new Silk Road

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For Analdex, Colombia also has conditions to increase the export of Chinese agricultural products such as coffee, flowers, cocoa, bananas, avocados, and Tahitian lemons.

Also, the meeting could be an impetus to include the national territory in the new Silk Road project, an ambitious idea that Xi proclaimed a decade ago to connect China to the world through a strategic infrastructure program.

On October 25, a meeting was scheduled in China between the leader of that country, Xi Jinping, and the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro.

The meeting will take place at a time when China continues to increase its investments in Colombia, making it the country’s second trading partner after the United States.

At least that is the expectation of Colombia’s foreign trade union, Analdex, which has expressed its views on the space that the two leaders will pursue in Beijing.