Farmington Select Board approves greenhouse grant



Selectmen approved a $90,000 grant for Riverside Greenhouses and Florists and held a lengthy discussion about nuisance deer.

Two full-time and two part-time employees will be hired, Reynolds said. “How many are employed now?” resident Aileen Kennedy asked. “Eight. Two full-time, the rest are part-time,” Reynolds said. It is nice to see home-grown business expansion, Selectman Dennis O’Neil said.

In addition to the 2023 Economic Development Program Community Development Block Grant, a $100,000 loan and $60,000 from owner investment will be used to build a 2,400-square-foot, year-round heated greenhouse, expand the floral/retail shop and hire four new staff, according to information provided before the meeting. One requirement for the grant is to create jobs for low-to-moderate-income people, the information noted.

Garrett Reynolds began transitioning ownership of the business at 169 Farmington Falls Road from his father, Kurt Reynolds, in September 2020 and became the owner in January 2022.