First step for the implementation of central auction rose successfully completed

Léon Haasbroek, Manager Operations Dealmaking at Royal FloraHolland, provides a quick recap of the first step, which is now completed.

Step 2: expand central clock C06 with supply from Rijnsburg
From November 16, the product groups alstroemeria, strelitzia, cymbidium, cut anthurium, phalaenopsis, and the remaining cut orchids will no longer be auctioned on local clocks in Rijnsburg. From then on, they will merge into the current central clock C06, where supplies from Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer are currently auctioned.

This is an important moment, as it means Royal FloraHolland will be testing the technology of central auctioning across three physical hubs (locations). Central clock C06 will be the first clock where they will digitally centralize the supply from 3 hubs digitally centralize on one central auction clock. This is an important step towards achieving optimal pricing.

“Adjusting all auction groups was a complex issue, especially internally. But by making all auction groups in advance, the impact for buyers later during the transition to central auction rose is much smaller. We are happy that everything went smoothly and according to plan, on to the next step.”

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Royal FloraHolland is now in the middle of the implementation process of the central auction rose, a four-step process they will implement in the month of November. The first step, adjusting and equalizing all auction groups, was successfully completed on November 2.

“Please note, as we are in the middle of the implementation phase of central auctioning, several changes are required. On November 15 and 16, there will be some major changes to the Rijnsburg auction schedules. In Naaldwijk, clock N07 will be switched to clock N05 on November 15. On November 23, we will continue with step 3, the start of the first central rose clock C07. Then, there are a number of auction schedule changes,” Léon concluded.

The remaining steps are as follows: supplementing C06 with a supply from Rijnsburg, starting the rose auction clock C07 with just auction group 200, and finally, having all roses auctioned via central clocks.