Flower seedlings brought from Italy destroyed in Samarkand

State inspectors of foreign economic activity of the department took samples of these products and sent them to the central phytosanitary laboratory for examination. According to the expert opinion, the bacterial pathogen erwinia amylovora and the plum ring spot virus (necrotic spot of grain fruit trees), as well as 100 units of citrus white-winged pest Gardenia grandiflora were found in the seedlings.

Source: kun.uz

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According to the report, the presence of a bacterial pathogen and a certain type of pest was detected in these flowers. The organization, operating as a family business in Samarkand, imported 100 seedlings of quarantine roses (rose climbingrampicante) and 100 units of Gardenia grandiflora flowers.

Wet disinfection of 100 gardenia flowers was carried out. Due to the impossibility of returning 100 rose seedlings, considered regulated products, to the exporting country, they were destroyed in accordance with the established procedure.

It is reported that these seedlings were found to contain a bacterial pathogen and a certain type of pest.