Flowers that come to life at Gardens by the Bay

This exhibit not only celebrates our technical mastery in flower preservation but also highlights the intrinsic connection between the ephemeral beauty of nature and timeless art, as well as the opportunity for visitors to acquire preserved nature for themselves.

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منبع Florever, recognized for its innovation in flower preservation, has taken floral artistic expression to a new level. The animal sculptures (frogs, birds, and lizards) stand with grace and vitality despite being composed of flowers that have been carefully preserved to maintain their natural beauty.

Innovaflora’s presence (through Florever) at Gardens by the Bay, with its exhibition of animal sculptures made from preserved flowers, not only elevates floral art to new heights but also highlights the connection between nature and human creativity. This magical corner in Singapore thus becomes a living testament to Innovaflora’s ability to bring to life the beauty that endures.

The choice of Gardens by the Bay as the setting for this exhibition is no coincidence. The garden, known for its avant-garde architecture and unique environment, serves as the perfect canvas for these creations to come to life. Visitors are immersed in a visual spectacle in which nature and art are harmoniously intertwined.

At the heart of the stunning Gardens by the Bay botanical garden in Singapore, Innovaflora’s presence is highlighted through its Florever brand, bringing with it a variety of colors and fragrances that captivate visitors. The renowned exhibit has transformed its spaces to showcase animal sculptures made exclusively from preserved flowers.