Fully automated nursery ‘Growing Delight’

Vilosa is a hypermodern and fully automated nursery with three locations in the Westland region. ‘Growing Delight’, as they say, because they grow potted plants that are a feast for the eyes with their colors and special shapes and have an easy character due to their strong quality.

Using the craft of yesterday and the techniques of today, Vilosa grows Kalanchoe and other flowering pot plants such as Chrysanthemum and Celosia all year round. The focus is on the pot sizes 8 cm, 10,5 cm & 14 cm. Unique is the Kalanchoe Specialties in a 14 cm pot with an exclusive range of varieties and shapes, such as the special Surprising Desert, strong Sunny, and unique Kalanchoe Bell types like Magic Bells & Lucky Bells.

In addition, there are surprising products available every season, such as the color-changing Kalanchoe Mozaic and balcony planters for outdoor use in the summer or the Swifty Chrysanthemum for the autumn.

Every day, the Vilosa team is committed to providing top-quality plants that meet consumers’ needs in the best way possible. To keep innovating, Vilosa is always looking for new, special varieties, and they are not afraid to try something different. Customization is their strength, so they enjoy working with customers and suppliers to deliver what they need.

Vilosa is taking major steps towards being as sustainable as possible. They were the first pot plant nursery to achieve Planet Proof certification. In addition, this grower has switched to LED lighting at all locations in 2022. They also only sell their plants in 100% recycled and recyclable trays and are continuously working on the next step in sustainable growing.

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