“Good traffic flow important for sustainable transport”

Royal FloraHolland aims to maintain the accessibility of its physical hubs, emphasizing the importance of a smooth traffic flow for suppliers and transporters. Eline van den Berg, a Logistics Chain Expert, explains the role of Connected Transport in achieving this goal.

Connected Transport involves establishing key freight traffic routes with smart traffic lights. Trucks sharing data enable communication with these lights, granting them priority when the situation permits. This reduces the need for frequent stops, saving time and fuel and decreasing CO2 emissions.

Eline highlights the growing focus on the sustainability contributions of Connected Transport, especially in light of recent developments like the European Green Deal. The initiative, implemented nationally and regionally, optimizes existing infrastructure, aligning with the government’s vision of efficient space use.

Royal FloraHolland’s involvement in Connected Transport stems from its commitment to sustainable transport. Collaboration with public and private entities is essential, and the initiative’s success relies on individuals like Janneke Nijsing, the project leader from Amsterdam Logistics.

Eline emphasizes the potential for broader participation in Connected Transport, mentioning the integration of the system into existing on-board computers by nine IT suppliers. The initiative not only enhances safety by providing timely notifications but also offers a cleaner and more enjoyable driving experience.

Looking ahead, Eline sees opportunities for Royal FloraHolland to integrate Connected Transport data into internal processes, such as the dock reservation system. This could lead to more controlled access, improving security and operational efficiency in the future.

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