Group of Ecuadorian farms launch new garden rose varieties program

Garden rose varieties continue to increase in popularity, and a new program with new garden rose varieties has just been launched: ElevateRoses. It is an initiative by an exclusive group of Ecuadorian farms, namely Agrinag, Natuflor, Qualisa, BellaRosa, and Flower Village. Currently, the program consists of 5 varieties, with more to be added soon.

Limited availability
The program has been made through strategic alliances between breeders like Infinity Breeding, Rosen Tantau, and more. The availability of the varieties is limited. Why? Viviana Alexandra Guanulema Marin of Agrinag: “Due to the exquisite nature of the roses, we presented them to a selected group of strategic clients, providing them the opportunity to be among the first or few who can offer these exclusive varieties.”

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Current range
The current varieties included in this program are Peonikiss, Creamykiss, Angelkiss, Coldplay, and Magnolia Rose. And the list is set to expand “due to our innovative market culture,” Guanulema Marin concludes.

As said, the Elite Ecuador Group is producing the ElevateRoses. But why the branding? Viviana Alexandra Guanulema Marin of Agrinag: “It will not only create brand recognition for each of the farms, which aims to solidify the reputation of our brands as leaders in offering unique rose varieties and being the trendsetters for the industry, it also aims to create a strategic and solid customer value. These branded roses mean added value for our partners’ customers. By offering these unique varieties for them, they can be the leaders in each of their markets.”

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