Grower pockets the big money thanks to marigold cultivation

The farming profession in India demands hard work and dedication. There are several types of cultivation in which a farmer holds the expertise. They usually grow wheat, rice, sugarcane, and many other products that are sold in the market by them in return for profit. But one of the farmers in Tamil Nadu has claimed that he earns a profit of up to Rs 80,000 for each acre of flower cultivation.

Balasubramanian of Nalur Village near the Kodavasal panchayat of Thiruvarur district does marigold cultivation. While interacting with News18, he said that he has been cultivating flowers on his agricultural land for the last 8 years. During the festive season, the market of flowers yields good profit for him, the farmer added.

He shared that he buys the seeds of the flower from the Ossur area. After buying them, he sows them on his land. These seedlings grow, and the flowers are ready for harvest in 45 days. Through this process, the Marigold flowers are grown, and they are plucked every 3 days.

The prices for flowers increase during the festive season. Balasubramanian added that if he spends Rs 10,000 per acre for farming, then he earns a profit of Rs 80,000 for each acre.