HilverdaFlorist launches Dianthus Picture Perfect branding concept at FlowerTrials 2024

HilverdaFlorist’s new Pot, Patio & Garden range this year offers not only new genetics but also retail concepts. One of these is the stand-alone Dianthus concept Picture Perfect®, which is on show for the first time at the FlowerTrials from June 11 to 14.

Meet Dianthus Picture Perfect
“This variety offers a touch with its magenta and dark red blooms. These appear many at a time and flower for a prolonged period. The firm plants of Picture Perfect are uniform to grow and comes with a catchy branding concept, making it ideal for retail.

Planted in full soil, Picture Perfect thrives as a perennial, offering its lively blooms year after year, flowering from Spring to early Autumn. Indoors, Picture Perfect® will cheer up any interior with a great shelf life, making it a great choice for gifts as well. From Mother’s and Father’s Day to Valentine’s Day and housewarming parties, Picture Perfect® brings a smile to everyone’s face.”

Picture Perfect branding
The Picture Perfect branding concept provides growers, retail, and florists with a story to share for this Dianthus. Ready-to-print promotional materials have been designed and both pot designs and labels are available.

Picture Perfect website & social media
To inspire consumers, a Picture Perfect website has been developed. On this website, consumers will find information about the plant, care tips and inspiration. Also, lovers of this plant can check out Picture Perfect’s online community on Facebook and Instagram.

Picture Perfect genetics
“Picture Perfect consists of a set of characteristics that creates a pretty pink, yet very robust variety. This perennial (until -5 °C) Dianthus has a remarkably high number of flowers and also offers a relatively long flowering period, compared to similar type Dianthus. Trials over the past period have shown promising results, and now Picture Perfect is ready to conquer the market.”

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