Holex continues to roll out ‘Connecting Continents’ strategy with the launch of a new brochure line

Last week, Holex presented its new brochure line to the public. During the IFTF in Vijfhuizen from November 8 to 10, visitors could admire it in stand B2.43. The new brochure line has been developed to further shape the ‘Connecting Continents’ strategy.

“With the launch of this new brochure line, we are rolling out our Connecting Continents strategy even further. By putting the range and possibilities of all offices together on paper, it becomes even clearer to our audience that Holex can provide a global total solution for flower purchasing and sales support,” says Paul Hoogenboom, Managing Director of Holex Flower. “People are now familiar with Holex USA, our office in Miami, and also increasingly with Holex China, based in Shanghai. We are now working to raise awareness of our office in Quito, Holex, Ecuador. It is worthwhile for many wholesalers to see which direct lines we can offer from this office. Not only is this interesting from a cost perspective and in terms of sustainability, but we also relieve customers of their worries by offering all services in one shop. The brochures present this story in an accessible and transparent way.”

“The flower book, but in Holex style”
The new brochure line consists of three brochures, all designed with a refreshed corporate identity.

The title ‘All about our products’ of the first brochure says it all: it contains extensive information about the available range of products at Holex. It’s very useful that the first part of the brochure provides an overview of which products are popular per month. “We did this because we see that the ‘What’s in Season’ category on our webshop is very popular. It’s used to see which products can be used at planned events,” says Fleur Cornelissen, Marketing Manager Holex Flower. The second part of the brochure provides information about more than 50 product groups. Fleur Cornelissen: “This brochure is very useful for anyone working in the flower industry. In addition to product information and availability, one can also find good photos of the most popular varieties of each product group. The more than 1,500 photos, all of which we took in-house, make this brochure a perfect reference book. Actually, an updated version of the well-known flower booklet from the auction, which is unfortunately no longer made, but in Holex style.”

The brochure ‘All about our company’ tells readers everything about the various offices of Holex and what they can mean for wholesalers, mass market suppliers, and e-commerce companies worldwide. The third brochure is intended for florists and event planners and provides a clear explanation of the HLX Direct program that Holex offers through its wholesale customers. Fleur Cornelissen: “The clear look & feel of the three brochures fits in nicely with our online identity and is completely up-to-date.”

“Brochures ensure synergy between offices”
Employees from all Holex offices were present at the IFTF exhibition stand. There was representation from the head office in De Kwakel, the Netherlands, as well as from Holex USA from Miami, Holex China from Shanghai, and Holex Ecuador from Quito. Paul Hoogenboom: “The synergy we felt last week between colleagues from the different offices was only reinforced by the fact that visitors to the fair received the brochures so enthusiastically. We can immediately start a conversation if an interested party wants to know more about a certain subject and see which locations can help with this.”