Hordijk Plants acquires part of Passieplant’s Rhipsalis- assortment and “Easy Care” label

By mid-2025, Hordijk Plants will take over Passieplant’s Rhipsalis (in pot sizes 12-14 and 17 centimeters). Last week, the acquisition was finished. The acquisition is in consultation with Oasis Young Plants Ltd., a Tanzanian starting material supplier.

Wouter de Ruiter (left) and Jurian Hordijk. (Photo: Chris Biesheuvel)

The grower will exclusively take over the name Passieplant and the “Easy Care” collection label. Hordijk Plants is particularly known for the lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus). The larger pot size (21 cm) will be transferred to Joyplant (Maasdijk, the Netherlands).

Jurian Hordijk is glad to add the unique collection of green houseplants to his current range. With this addition, Hordijk hopes to better serve Passieplant’s and Hordijk Plants’ customers.

Wouter (55) has sold his greenhouse in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel (The Netherlands) because he ended his career as a grower. However, he will remain available to support Jurian and his colleagues on the sidelines.

Wouter last November at the Trade Fair in Aalsmeer.

The news was already expected, but by now everything is done and dusted. It was already clear that the Passieplant greenhouse had to disappear sooner, according to Wouther this is because the area is “degraded” and nominated for house-building. Moreover, in light of recent years’ (energy) issues, the manager who might have wanted to continue the business declined.

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