How 9,000 sunflowers became a symbol of joy and inclusivity in Cape Breton



“But honestly, the thing that was the most special was people coming and saying, ‘Thank you so much for doing this. This was such a great thing to do.’ Like, almost everyone thanked us for putting it on,’” Percy said

Looking over the five-acre field at Ager Lane Flower Farm in Big Bras d’Or, it’s hard to believe anyone’s picked a single sunflower as there are many thousands still bursting with their sunshine-yellow blooms.

Not bad for $600 worth of birdseed containing sunflower seeds they planted in June without any notion the field would bloom in anywhere near so spectacular a fashion. Nor when they decided to do the U-pick did they think people would flock to it from all over Cape Breton and beyond — 800, in fact.

But 9,000 were harvested by happy U-pickers over barely a week’s time. They paid $1 per flower, providing the burgeoning flower farm and event space owners Percy and Clary Ager $9,000 towards their dream.