Infinity Chrysanten 100% focused on santinis

Infinity Chrysanten is becoming a new player in the santini market this October. Starting this fall, entrepreneur Arné Kreling will focus 100% of his efforts with Infinity on supplying a full range of santinis to the clock auctions. With plans to supply some 280,000 stems per week, Infinity will become a serious new player in the wholesale market.

Arné Kreling will focus entirely with Infinity on producing santinis for the clock auctions. On the right, Bob Persoon, market manager at Deliflor

“I see enough opportunities in the santini market to become a serious partner of the wholesalers,” said the young, ambitious grower Arné Kreling. “Moreover, I see a challenge in managing to deliver a high-quality and uniform product, and I want to invest in people for my farm who will strive for the same perfection.”

In week 34, the first santinis were planted in the 3.7-hectare greenhouse in Bruchem. They picked a range of varieties from breeder Deliflor Chrysanthen. They will start supplying the white Legend and Pixel Snowy, the yellow Dinky, the light pink Twinkly, and the dark pink Pixel Amor and Jamey Dark. Infinity’s santinis will be available on the clock auction from week 42.

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