Interandina Internacional, Andina de Aduanas and Denkers BV bring together Colombian flower sector

Together, IInterandina Internacional and Andina de Aduanas provide services to more than 95% of the sector and support the entire integrated logistics chain in areas such as air and sea cargo, international land cargo to and from Ecuador, land transportation to and from ports and airports, and customs agency for all export and import processes.

As a prelude to the Proflora 2023 fair, the Colombian companies Interandina Internacional and Andina de Aduanas, as well as the Dutch Denkers BV, invited their clients, suppliers, colleagues, and special guests for a toast at the Club el Nogal in Bogotá, Colombia. They did so to express their gratitude and reiterate their commitment to the further integration and development of the entire production, logistics, transportation, and customs chain implicit in the national flower sector.

At the request of its clients and in order to streamline the logistical processes of imports/exports by air, sea, and land, Interandina opened a new branch in the south of the country last May. The facility is located in Ipiales, department of Nariño, on the border with Ecuador.

At Proflora, Interandina Internacional, Andina de Aduanas, and Denkers BV presented their services in a shared booth.

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In turn, Mark Woertman, director of Denkers BV, stated that “the inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm of the entire Interandina team and the loyalty of our respected clients, both in Colombia and the Netherlands, made it possible for our company to be part of the flourishing trade in flower bulbs and cuttings from the Netherlands and Chile, which arrive in Colombia by sea and air.”

Among others, special guests at the event were engineer Wilkien Ramírez, Deputy Manager of Border Protection of the ICA, and engineer Alejandra Farias, also an official of said entity; Juan Alejandro Guáqueta, president of the Board of Directors of the Colombian Association of Flower Exporters (Asocolflores); Jan Willem Van Bokhoven, executive director of the Colombo-Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Holland House); and Mrs. Leontin Crisson, Agriculture Counselor of the Netherlands embassy.