“It’s not only a milestone for the company, also for the preserved industry”

“Our customers have been asking for it for a long time now, and we are therefore very pleased that we can add it to our assortment, says Stefanie Proy of Verdissimo, a large flower and plant preservation company. They have surprised the floral market with their latest innovation, namely preserved peonies on an industrial scale. “This novelty not only marks a milestone for the company but also represents a significant advancement in preserving one of the world’s most elegant and cherished flowers.”

Alfonso Casamitjana and Stefanie Proy at the IPM Essen 2024 presenting the preserved peonies.

The challenge
Preserving peonies has been a challenge for the floral industry due to their delicate structure and ephemeral nature, limiting their cultivation to very short seasons each year, she – an Export Area Manager at Verdissimo- explains. “However, we have overcome these obstacles and have been able to preserve peonies on an Industrial scale, offering a sustainable and long-lasting alternative to the fleeting beauty of these flowers.”

Innovative process
According to Proy, success in preserving peonies relies on an innovative process in addition to preservation, ensuring the retention of the original shape, appearance, and texture of this variety. “Optimizing our technologies, we have managed to preserve the exquisite beauty of peonies without compromising their aesthetic quality. With this, Verdissimo remains at the forefront of the industry, innovating and delivering superior-quality products as is our tradition.”

Sustainable and aesthetic advantages
“Our launch of preserved peonies is not only a technical achievement but also a significant step towards sustainability in the floral industry. By offering peonies that maintain their freshness and beauty for a long time, we contribute to reducing waste and promoting more environmentally friendly practices.”

“From an aesthetic perspective, these preserved peonies are ideal for interior decoration, floral arrangements, and special events. They are highly popular flowers, especially in weddings, for their country and uncomplicated yet elegant appearance, concepts also widely appreciated in other contexts. The new preservation of this variety will allow enjoying the beauty of these flowers throughout the year, regardless of the season.”

Positive market response
The launch of preserved peonies has received a positive response from florists, event designers, and flower enthusiasts worldwide, Proy continues.

“The recent edition of the IPM Essen fair in Germany, where we were present, provided the perfect opportunity to gauge the enthusiasm of over 36,000 visitors who reacted very positively to this new product line. It opens new creative possibilities in floral design, decoration, and space arrangement with preserved nature.”

“This confirms that we attentively listen to the market and our customers and strive to create new products that meet the demands of our distributors worldwide.”

According to Proy, Verdissimo continues to lead the floral preservation industry with its constant innovation. “The launch of preserved peonies not only highlights the technical prowess of the company but also redefines expectations regarding the availability and durability of one of the most coveted flowers. This advancement represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and creative future in the world of preserved flowers.”

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