Jasmine flowers in high demand ahead of national Mother’s Day

In the bustling streets of Pattaya, the fervor for National Mother’s Day is palpable as the market for jasmine flowers flourishes in the final hours before the special occasion. These delicate blossoms have transcended their status as mere flowers to become sought-after commodities that carry profound sentiments.

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Florist, Phadungdej Saengkla, provided a glimpse into the fascinating dynamics of the market. He revealed that the prices of fresh jasmine flowers have experienced a remarkable increase of 40-50% when compared to previous years. Notably, the cost of small fresh jasmine plants, once available for 80 baht, has surged to a range of 130-140 baht. In contrast, the prices for dried imitation jasmine flowers and related items have remained steady.

With National Mother’s Day just around the corner on August 12, the nation was abuzz with anticipation and heartfelt preparations. One unique and symbolic aspect of this upcoming celebration is the surging demand for jasmine flowers, which have become a cherished token of love, respect, and appreciation for mothers.

At the Buppa Suwan shop, nestled near the Tuk Som Market on Soi 2 Chaiyapruek Road, a vibrant trading scene has taken hold during this year’s Mother’s Day period. The shop has become a haven for those seeking the perfect jasmine products to express their love for their mothers.