Jinning World Horticenter set to make waves in China’s floral industry

Jinning World Horticenter in China, backed by the investment of Jinning State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd., is set to make waves in China’s floral industry. Spanning across a planned area of 30 hectares, this venture will be jointly undertaken by Jinning State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Aibida Horticulture Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinning State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd., a respected firm entrusted with investment projects by the Jinning government, is dedicated to promoting the development of horticulture and has already established a modern flower industry park with nearly 200 hectares of greenhouses, as well as an international flower logistics center. Yunnan Aibida Horticulture Technology Co., Ltd., on the other hand, is a leading enterprise renowned for its expertise in advanced horticulture technologies.

The selection of Jinning as the location for the Horticulture Center stems from its unique advantages. Jinning District, located in Kunming, Yunnan, China, is an ideal destination for horticultural businesses. With its favorable natural environment and abundant resources, the district has become one of the top global producers of temperate flowers. Jinning boasts a vast flower growing area of approximately 4000 hectares and annual production of cut flowers reaching 5.5 billion stems, ranking it as China’s largest county for cut flower production. Additionally, Jinning’s proximity to key markets and an extensive transportation network makes it an attractive business destination for investors in the industry.

The designed key features of Jinning World Horticenter demonstrate a dedication to innovation and functionality. The Center will house a zero-carbon greenhouse equipped with technology to maximize energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. In addition, the Center will include research laboratories to foster advancements in horticultural practices, exhibition areas to showcase the latest horticultural products, technologies, and innovations, and a flower auction center to facilitate trade and networking opportunities.

Recognizing the potential of Jinning World Horticenter, an invitation for investment is extended to both domestic and international entities looking to explore this flourishing endeavor.

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