Kimitec’s first natural miticide registered

Kimitec’s first natural miticide has just been registered in Mexico. According to Kimitec, this represents a major step in their commitment to a zero-residue, zero-waste future, promoting a fully circular agri-food system aligned with both large-scale distribution demands and consumer preferences.

The Kimitec team states: “MITÖ is a broad-spectrum solution with minimal risk of resistance and no pre-harvest interval. Its knock-down effect has proven effective against a broad spectrum of pest mites, reducing production losses and preserving fruit quality.

This biomiticide is the result of years of work at Kimitec’s MAAVi Innovation Center—Europe’s largest biotechnology innovation hub focused on natural compounds. With a team of over 80 scientists and agronomists, MAAVi integrates research, upscaling, and production within a single, unique center with a clear, market-oriented focus.”

The research conducted at MAAVi is driven by a computational platform called LINNA. This tool combines predictive AI models, systems biology, computational biology, bioinformatics, and molecular biology to accelerate the discovery and development of natural solutions, aiming to replace synthetic molecules in the agri-food system.

For over fifteen years, Kimitec has been developing sustainable alternatives to synthetic chemicals. “The registration of MITÖ in Mexico represents a major milestone for both the company and the agricultural industry as a whole. We’re glad we can finally announce this historic achievement, especially as we plan to expand the product over the next two years into other markets, including Brazil, Perú, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and the United States,” comments Alberto González, Kimitec’s EVP & Chief Commercial Officer. “We’re not just providing a natural, effective and sustainable solution for pest mite control; we’re also moving significantly closer to our goal of a healthier agri-food system for people and the environment,” he concluded.

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