Large stocks “saves” Bunnik Creations from Red Sea delays

Like many suppliers of value-added services, Bunnik Creations is facing order delays due to the situation in the Red Sea. Commercial manager Raymond Hedges, who recently joined Bunnik Creations, has already had difficult conversations with customers about the situation. “We process thousands of containers per year. This makes us a large player with solid contracts, but a situation like this is beyond our control. Freight prices are rising, and delivery times are increasing.”

According to Raymond, customers brainstorm solutions with us. “Everyone understands that this situation is not our choice and is beyond our control. Most customers actively come up with solutions or alternatives themselves. But these are not always easy conversations.”

Detouring always involves time loss, moreover, it may lead to unusual and unforeseen situations. For example, when ports are added to routes, containers can suddenly stand aside for a few days in another country. “Communication with shipping companies does not always go smoothly, so we, too, are sometimes surprised. Recently, a container destined for Rotterdam was found to stand aside in Marseille, so we were confronted with another week of delay. Fortunately, these are incidents. But it shows the difficulty of getting this situation under control. At the moment, most things still arrive on time, but it remains uncertain.”

According to Raymond, his company is “saved” by its large stock. “Luckily, we have a significant stock, and we can switch quickly. Whether it’s for ceramics, zinc, or baskets, we often have a solution, moreover, in The Netherlands orders are usually delivered on the same day. And we have enough, so our door is always open .”

Raymond hopes that the situation in the Red Sea will be resolved quickly and that there won’t be further escalations in other hot pots. “We see how fragile the supply chain is, which forces us to maintain our stock levels as much as possible in the future.”

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