“Life in Bloom Viewers can Win Flowers from Ocean Breeze Farms”

At the recent CalFlowers meeting, members learned that J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom viewers continue to respond to the show by arranging flowers for themselves. In fact, the constant stream of flower pictures from viewers inspired a new feature for season 5 of the show – titled “Flowers from YOU!”.

Ocean Breeze Farms wants to thank viewers and inspire their flower fascination further.

“After my presentation to the CalFlowers board and membership, Mike Furlong and Ivor Van Wingerden, from Ocean Breeze Farms, told me they noticed the pictures shared by viewers,”

said J Schwanke, host, and creator of J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom, seen on public television (PBS) stations nationwide. “They took special note of a particular image of a viewer in front of a flower display at a retail location. I told them how that particular viewer travels 40 minutes each way, weekly, in order to purchase flowers there and how much they enjoy the selection and quality.”

This impromptu exchange led to a brainstorming session on different ways of amplifying viewer engagement even more. Mike and Ivor wanted to find a way for Ocean Breeze Farms to become involved in Life in Bloom’s efforts to engage viewers and educate them on the health and wellness benefits flowers offer.

“I was blown away by the generosity of their proposal,” enthused Schwanke. “Ivor and Mike said they wanted to send a box of flowers from Ocean Breeze Farms to viewers who share pictures of their arrangements. I responded with gratitude and asked how many bouquets or how often they were proposing to send flowers. Once a week was their reply! I asked for how many weeks – and they said indefinitely. Amazing!”

“We all know being in the presence of flowers has scientifically proven physical and emotional benefits – there’s nothing like discovering it for yourself through personal experience – and that’s what viewers are doing!” Schwanke continued. “And now Ocean Breeze Farms is reinforcing those experiences for viewers with flowers directly from their greenhouses!”

Viewers who submit pictures of their flower arrangements are entered into a weekly drawing to win a box of flowers from Ocean Breeze Farms. The first flowers will be on their way to winners in September. The contest is called Share Your “Schwankies,” after a nickname coined by a viewer.

To enter the weekly contest, viewers must include their picture, full name, shipping address (no PO boxes), email, phone number (for shipping purposes only), and where they watch the show (including call letters of their station). Entries should be sent by email to: [email protected]

Winners are encouraged to include hashtags on social media – #jschwankeslifeinbloom, #oceanbreezefarms, #americangrownflowers, #thatflowerfeeling, #flowerlove, and/or #ubloom.

“Mike, Ivor, and I are all looking forward to creating more weekly flower excitement with flowers from Ocean Breeze Farms and Life in Bloom viewers! We can’t wait to share what the winners create with the flowers from Ivor, Mike, and everyone at Ocean Breeze!” said Schwanke.