Marigold and globe amaranth exported to Hong Kong for the first time

Farmer Gobinda Bastola said that for the first time, marigold was exported from Nepal to Tihar. “We have sent 800 marigolds and 500 globe amaranth garlands. We have exported two quintals of marigold flowers,” Bastola said, “This is the first time that flowers have been commercially exported abroad from Chitwan.” According to him, garlands worth Rs 300,000 have been exported. He said that there is demand for flowers from other countries as well.

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منبع “Now we have exported flowers to Hong Kong,” he said, “Slowly, we will export to other countries as well.” Amit Bastola, a farmer, said that he has been selling marigold flowers in 41 districts in the past years and is currently sending them abroad. “We have been cultivating flowers for 12 months since last year. We have planted them in 10 fields so that they will be produced in January,” he said, “The possibility of floriculture in Chitwan is good.”

Farmers of Chitwan have exported marigold and globe amaranth flowers to Hong Kong for Tihar, the great festival of Nepalis. Three brothers of Padampur, Kalika Municipality-2, sent 1,300 garlands and two quintals of flowers to Hong Kong.