Meike van Ginneken joins Netherlands Water Partnership’s Advisory Board

Netherlands Water Partnership’s (NWP) Board of Directors has appointed Meike van Ginneken as a new member of NWP’s Advisory Board, to take effect on 1 December 2023. NWP is an independent non-governmental foundation that fosters collaboration in the Dutch water sector in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Advisory Board, chaired by Henk Nieboer, is an important body in the governance structure of NWP and provides overall strategic guidance. Dutch Water Envoy Meike Van Ginneken complements the Advisory Board, whose representatives, as required by the NWP Statutes, reflect the broad Dutch water sector.

Henk Nieboer, Charmain of NWP’s Advisory Board, is happy that Van Ginneken will strengthen NWP’s Advisory Board. “Meike van Ginneken is a recognized water leader and has helped provide millions of people with access to water and sanitation, and energy services. I can’t think of anyone better to advise NWP on how to enhance a collective impact; raise the water organisations’ international profile; and positively influence policy to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

NWP Director Nicole Hellwig adds: “We strongly believe that important synergies can be achieved between the Water Envoy’s work, our shared network, and NWP’s mission to facilitate the Dutch Water Sector in solving global water challenges in a societally just and environmentally resilient way while growing its global reach and business success.”

Van Ginneken, who was recently appointed Water Envoy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, has worked with NWP in the past. “I am aware of the important role NWP plays in the Dutch water sector. NWP has a strong united voice in the international arena and, through its wide network, can link water organizations and individuals. I am looking forward to working with NWP and its partners to make sure that Dutch know-how helps bring about a water-secure world.”

NWP’s Advisory Board represents all the sectors within the broad Dutch water sector, from drinking water companies to knowledge and research institutes, and from technology SMEs to building contractors.

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