National and international experts in biological control featured at 2023 Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo

When it comes to producing high-quality plants, insect pests and diseases can be a difficult challenge to overcome. This is especially true as growers try to satisfy consumer interest in products such as edible ornamentals, potted herbs, and pollinator-friendly plants. Although the intent is certainly commendable, the practice of keeping pests at bay using only pollinator-friendly products becomes a fairly onerous proposition once the insects start to develop resistance.

Because new chemicals are registered at a lower rate for specialty crops and resistance to available pesticides increases naturally over time, greenhouse growers are showing an increasing interest in biological control as a sustainable and effective way to manage their pests. It has become an increasingly attractive option in floriculture production because it is highly effective and directly addresses consumer demands for environmentally responsible plant production as well as the escalating challenges of insecticide resistance.

With this in mind, the Michigan State University Extension floriculture team is proud to present an outstanding lineup of national and international experts in biological control on Dec. 6 and 7 at the 2023 Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo. On Wednesday, Dec. 6, guest instructors Sarah Jandricic from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture (OMAFRA) and “The Bug Lady” Suzanne Wainwright-Evans will each lead a 1-hour educational session on biologically-based greenhouse pest management.

On Thursday, Dec. 7, Jandricic and Wainwright-Evans will be joined by Steven Arthurs from BioBee USA to co-teach a special one-day hands-on workshop focused on greenhouse biological control and pest management in spring floriculture crops. This workshop is designed to serve as an excellent introductory experience for beginners and a great way for advanced practitioners to brush up on industry best practices. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business, this is your chance.

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