“New broad spectrum bioinsecticide back by popular demand”

Lallemand Plant Care has reintroduced Lalguard M52 OD bioinsecticide (formerly Met52) to the Canadian greenhouse market.

Lalguard M52 OD is a broad-spectrum bioinsecticide that targets aphids, mites, including two-spotted spider mites, thrips, and whiteflies in greenhouse cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, ornamentals, pepper, strawberry, tomato, and cannabis. It can be used for both foliar and soil pest management.

Lalguard M52 OD is powered by an entomopathogenic fungus. Once applied, M52’s fungus spores adhere to the insect body producing a germinative tube. It produces a wide variety of enzymes to break the insect cuticle defenses, allowing it to penetrate and reach the interior of the insect. A massive number of new spores are produced, which spread along the insect body, followed by the massive growth of fungus, turning the insect brown because of the necrosis of its body and death in a matter of three to seven days.

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“We are pleased to be able to offer Lalguard M52 OD to greenhouse customers again,” confirmed Kelly Devaere, Plant Products’ Crop Protection Market Manager. “In its previous incarnation, it was widely recognized as bringing a lot of value to pest management programs, and it is a welcome re-addition to our insecticide toolbox.”

There is no known resistance to Lalguard M52 OD, and it is compatible with IPM programs. Lalguard M52 OD is manufactured by Lallemand Plant Care and distributed across Canada by Plant Products.