New South Texas native plant nursery pushes importance of ‘planting native’

Donald Gerber said his love for plants came from his mother, who showed him how to plant native with seeds.

“We would stop at the nursery on Main Street, and I would go home with a pocket full of seeds,” Gerber, the owner of Pollinatives, said.

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“After the snow a couple of years ago, the heat that is setting a record for a number of days over 100 degrees, if you plant native plants, these plants are adapted to our area,” Gerber said. “They are used to our climate, they are used to our soil, they are used to our rainfall.”

He says planting native will save both money and time.

A master gardener and owner of a new local nursery in Converse wants to plant the seed of prioritizing native plants not just in our minds but in the habit of local gardeners.