Official opening of rooting company Deliflor Hoogveld on November 25, 2023

Investments have been made in 42 sticking robots that plant the unrooted cuttings in the substrate. A mobile rolling table system then transports 6,000 rolling tables of cuttings through the company fully automatically. Cuttings are transported through 3 cultivation layers in about 12 days, with each layer having a targeted light and moisture regime that the cutting needs in that particular phase. The bottom two cultivation layers are daylightless and are only illuminated with LED, while in the top layer, the cuttings are trained using a combination of daylight and LED.

The official opening of Deliflor Hoogveld in Nieuwaal will take place on Saturday, November 25. From 10.30 am to 5 pm, there will be an open day for customers, companies from the region, family, acquaintances, and other interested parties. Deliflor Hoogveld has been rooting chrysanthemum cuttings from this new innovative company since this spring. The high level of robotization, automation, and a 3-layer cultivation system make this new building unique and progressive.

For more information:
Deliflor Hoogveld
Hogeweg 16
5313 BA, Nieuwaal
Tel.: +31 (0) 418-644770


Deliflor Hoogveld is a joint venture between Kreling Beheer B.V. and Deliflor Beheer B.V.

The new building at Deliflor Hoogveld is truly a technical tour de force. The power required for all technical innovations is generated via solar panels (0.5MW) and 2 CHPs (3.2MW).

An ingenious lift system automatically transports crates of cuttings down from cultivation layer 3, stacks the crates, and labels them directly with batch stickers. Some 12 million cuttings are thus rooted and delivered to customers every week.