Open day at Van der Valk Systemen to mark 60th anniversary

Recently, an open day took place at Van der Valk Systemen in Monster to celebrate its 60th anniversary and the opening of the new building. A hall is added regularly. An impressive hall complex is now in place. The company looked spic and span during the open day. In the corridors, you could hear visitors talking about how they expected that from Van der Valk: “It always has to be 100% here. They are an entrepreneur at the top.”

Two falcons warmly welcomed guests.

Everything had been thought of down to the earplugs at the entrance. After all, the route on the Van der Valk blue carpet passed through the production halls, which were in full action.

The beautiful weather was a pleasant happenstance; the catering square could be set up outside. No one was short of anything; snacks and drinks were available.

Hans van der Valk, behind the wheel leads Bouke Arends (Westland mayor) and Pieter Varekamp (alderman) around.

In the sunlit Demokas, Mark van Dijk and Johan Weesie see their product (Ludvig Svensson). They have an eye for it.

To give an idea of this event, a photo impression has been made.

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