RHP certification for Van Egmond Potgrond

The company Van Egmond Potgrond in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) is RHP certified with end products Horticulture and the renewable raw material wood fiber. Based on research and inspections executed by the certification body, the company complies with the requirements as determined in the Product Certification Scheme of the RHP quality mark. With the certification of … ادامه

Improving crop growth and worker comfort with Phormium’s Clima+ 35 O at Amerigo Farms

John Albers is the proud President at Amerigo Farms, located in Mt. Dora, Florida. With a passion for cultivating flowering crops, John has expanded his farm with the latest greenhouse technology from Cravo, the Cravo Retractable Cooling House. The primary focus of this expansion is to grow Calla Lilies. The challengeThe hurdle encountered by John … ادامه

40 years of screen systems: PDI celebrates jubilee

On 1 March 1984, Peter Dekker Senior founded PDI, a business that specializes in supplying and installing screen systems for greenhouses. Starting on just a small scale in a garage on Lierweg in the Lier in the Westland region, the company has evolved in the world of screen systems. The company team says: “Since its … ادامه

White poinsettia scores awards for 5 years in a row

On January 18th, the award for the best poinsettias organized by Glastuinbow Nederland and Royal Flora Holand took place again. SV.CO and Martin van der Velden won with the Alaska variety. The former is in the mini 6cm vase category; the latter is in the 12-13cm vase category. This is the fifth year in a … ادامه

Thrips control in roses: strategy, action and results

The floriculture sector is of great importance worldwide. Colombia and Ecuador are the second and third largest exporters of flowers per year, accounting for 24% of the world market share and supplying major markets such as the United States, Russia, and the Netherlands (Chambers, 2024). However, despite its great importance, the production of ornamental flowers … ادامه

جزییات محصول مدل سه بعدی گل و گیاه شکوفه گیلاس | dastchinflower

در اواخر دورهٔ ادو سومی-یوشینو به وجود آمد و از آن پس این مجله خبری گل و گیاه در سراسر ژاپن به‌طور گسترده کاشته شد. درختان ساکورای پرورشی را می‌توان از لحاظ کیفیت میوه به دو گروه بزرگ تقسیم کرد. گل و برگ آن هم‌زمان سبز می‌شوند.اویاما-زاکوراPrunus sargentiiرنگ گل آن صورتی است. می توانید این … ادامه

International Rootstocks Symposium to be held at Macfrut 2024

The Plant Nursery Area, which is a plant nursery and varietal innovation exhibition, will return to Macfrut 2024 (8-10 May, Rimini Expo Centre). As part of the Plant Nursery Area, the International Rootstocks Symposium will take place on May 8th and 9th. During this event on genetic innovations in the rootstock sector, the results of … ادامه

Finding alternatives to peat

Among the challenges growers face, the reduction in peat use certainly gives more than one headache. Reducing the peat content in substrates by up to 50% presents minimal challenges, especially in certain climates where alternative materials can complement or even improve growing media performance. However, further reducing peat content can impact crop yield noticeably. This … ادامه

Roses named most beloved flower across Coventry gardens

Data conducted by UK plant nursery Ashridge Trees shows the nations floral preferences, revealing insights into Coventry’s green spaces and gardening habits.The analysis, which focused on popular flower-related searches over the past year, found that Coventrians have a penchant for roses, with an average of 791 monthly searches dedicated to cultivating these timeless blooms. Following … ادامه

Florensis implements labor registration software from ProCC

By initiating a pilot with ProCC’s labor registration software, Florensis has taken an innovative step in improving its labor processes. This collaboration aims to streamline the company’s labor registration, by focusing on the efficiency and precision of the registration process. Currently, Florensis’ labor registrations are on paper, which is especially the case for the registration … ادامه