Passion for Heemskerk Flowers

Heemskerk Flowers is releasing a book called ‘Passion for Heemskerk Flowers’, focusing on the company’s early years and its time in its previous premises. During a barbecue, the book will be handed out to (the family of) the employees featured in it.

Focus on the early years
To mark the 60th anniversary of Heemskerk Flowers, the magazines ’60 Years Growing Together’ and ’60 Years a Family’ were previously published. These magazines focus on the final years, especially the years from 1999 onwards, set in the current premises.

Sander Wolthaus (son of deceased employee Daan Wolthaus) pointed out that many employees from the very start were missing in these, even though they too helped make the company great. This gave rise to the idea of making this book, which focuses on the early years and the time in Heemskerk Flowers’ previous premises.

Employees from the very beginning contributed
Many employees from the very start of the company contributed to the book. The book is, therefore, full of personal stories from these employees. Thanks in part to their passion for their work (at the time), the company has grown into a leading player in today’s flower and plant export business.

Presentation of the first book
Dick van Bommel, author of the book and also an employee of the first hour, handed the first book to Sander Wolthaus. All persons mentioned in the book and the management subsequently also received the book. Books were also available for all staff.

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