Petunias seem to be more ‘weatherproof’ than ever before

FlowerTrials update

The FlowerTrials are in full swing. All possible nationalities pass by, and companies are delighted with the turnout. In addition, breeding and/or cultivation highlights are presented. As usual, propagators promise even more uniform and resistant products.

Gert Meijer (Sakata); Thorsten Sander (Schneider Younplants); Klaus Gaumann (Selecta one); and Louis Kester (Evanthia)

This year there seems to be special attention for ‘weatherproof’ varieties. Many companies showcase that their Petunias don’t suffer from rain. Maybe his focus is more noticeable due to the current weather conditions. It’s unusual that it’s rainy while the FlowerTrials take place. This year’s spring was also relatively cold and rainy. These circumstances may be a reason for propagators to put these varieties in the spotlight. Yet, at this point, we cannot draw any final conclusions.

We are visiting as many locations as possible, a photo report will follow soon.

An overview of all companies and locations can be found here. The FlowerTrial organization shared a video impression of the first FlowerTrials day:

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