Plants For Europe and Altman Plants working together

Plants For Europe Limited (PFE) is now working with California-based Altman Plants, to bring their plant varieties to Europe and the UK. Altman Plants has chosen to work with PFE because they would like to protect, promote, and license the output from three breeding programs.

Altman Plants has been breeding and growing plants for almost 50 years, in that time expanding from a Los Angeles garden to one of the largest horticultural growers in the US. The business remains family-owned. The Altman Plants teams work right across the industry, from breeding programs to trials, and e-commerce to branded products across a variety of genera.

PFE will be working with Altman Plants on three distinct breeding programs. One of these is the Agapanthus Atomic Bloom from an Agapanthus development program. In addition, Altan expects the Star™ Aloe varieties, developed by Kelly Griffin, to be available to European and UK growers. Further, there are Altman’s True Bloom® Roses. These roses are the result of the breeding process led by rose breeder, Ping Lim. True Bloom® Rose varieties have won several awards after trials.

The Agapanthus Atomic Bloom

Ken and Matt Altman (owners of Altman Plants) say: “Being a greenhouse grower ourselves, we have insight into what the grower demands in performance from new varieties, along with what succeeds for retailers and consumers. We are very excited to be partnering with the Plants for Europe team to bring our new plant developments to Europe and the UK.”

Ping Lim (rose breeder at Altman Plants) says: Indeed, I am glad to share our team’s effort for more people to enjoy flowers. It is a great honor to be welcomed to Europe, especially with its very competitive standards for eco landscape.”

Graham Spencer (director of PFE) says: “We are truly delighted to be working with the Altman team! They have a reputation for excellence, both as growers and as breeders, so it is an honor to be able to bring their varieties to our clients, including some of the best growers in the UK and Europe. We are very excited by the potential of this partnership.”

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