Ridder North America enhances service dept to improve customer experience

Ridder has reorganized its North American service department, aimed at improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

“We are confident that this realignment will significantly enhance our ability to meet and exceed customer expectations,” said Wil Lammers, Managing Director of the Americas at Ridder. “By consolidating our resources and expertise under the capable leadership of Corey and Woody, we are positioned to provide unparalleled service quality and responsiveness.”

Under the new organizational structure, Corey Jubenville has embraced the role of North American Service Manager. In this position, Corey will provide visionary leadership, overseeing an integration of Canadian and United States Service Engineers and Technicians into a single cohesive unit. This alignment is expected to optimize service delivery across North America.

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In another development, Philip Woody has been promoted to Lead US Service Engineers. Philip will be at the helm of the US Service Engineers, facilitating streamlined communication and project management efforts within the team. Reporting to Corey Jubenville, this hierarchical structure ensures a focused approach towards enhancing technical service initiatives.