Rovero Greenhouse tech to be exlusively distributed by NextG3N Greenhouse

NextG3N Greenhouse has become the exclusive distributor of Rovero Greenhouse Technology. Rovero Greenhouse Technology’s characterized by a peculiar approach to greenhouse design, with patented technology such as the Roll-Air Greenhouse which transforms from a fully sealed environment to a completely open-air structure in less than 1 minute, and the HortiHouse which addresses challenges such as light transmission, greenhouse roof film replacement and ease of installation.

As the exclusive distributor of Rovero Greenhouse Technology for all US states west of the Mississippi, Next G3N Greenhouse will offer a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to the needs of commercial growers, horticulturalists, and agricultural enterprises.

“We are thrilled to partner with Rovero Greenhouse Technology to bring their cutting-edge solutions to our customers,” said Josh Conley, CEO of Next G3N Greenhouse. “This exclusive distributorship aligns with our mission to provide growers with the most advanced and sustainable greenhouse technology available, empowering them to achieve greater productivity and profitability in their operations and compliments our own innovative greenhouse technologies.”

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